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Mill Park Stud is located in the upper south east of South Australia, close to the world renowned Coorong National Park. The farm consists of 10,000 acres of undulating limestone based country with renovated lucerne and veldt grass pastures.

The horse enterprise has been established on 2,000 acres with an average paddock size of 40-50 acres. Our low stocking rate of 1 horse per 8-10 acres enables a natural free range upbringing which we believe is part of the successful raising of competitive racehorses. Apart from our breeding operation we also spell racehorses for some of the leading South Australian trainers.

The family also owns a 300 acre irrigated lucerne property in Meningie which allows the supply of consistently high quality fodder to the farm.



Mill Park started as a successful commercial cattle and sheep operation with breeding horses as a hobby. It became a more commercial commitment in 1990 with the farm acquiring more paddocks, resulting in their exposure to the industry which saw more horses make their way to Mill Park Stud.

The horse enterprise is now spread over 2,000 acres of the 10,000 acre property. We like to raise the horses in as natural an environment as possible, achieved by low stocking rates and large paddocks.

Individual feeding regimes tailored to each horses individual needs allows the performance of the horse to speak volumes in terms of results.



. Horse Walker 

. Round Yards

. Scoping Crush

. Mare & Foal crush

. Double Fenced Paddocks

. Under Cover Yards for Racehorse Rehabilitation

. Day Yards


. Racehorse Spelling

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. Foal & Mare Full Management
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